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Best Gluten Free Burger! Red Robin Tavern Burger on Gluten Free Bun


Oct 8, 2017 Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews 0 Comments


Red’s Tavern Burger on a Gluten Free Bun

I am so happy to have a Red Robin less than 10 minutes away from my home. My non-gluten free family members and I can all enjoy a great burger and fries without worrying about my gluten free diet. We are able to place our order online and pick it up about 20 minutes later.


The gluten free bun costs an additional $1.00 and is honestly the best gluten free hamburger bun I have ever tasted. I wish they sold them in stores, I researched the brand they use and unfortunately it is only sold to the food service industry. The online ordering is very easy to customize and they have a check box to let them know if you have a gluten allergy.


They clearly mark the box for a food allergy and they are very careful to cook my food in a designated area to prevent cross contamination. I have been eaten there for a few years and have never gotten sick. My husband, who is not gluten free, tasted my burger and was amazed that he could not tell the bun was gluten free.

If you have a Red Robin in your area, you have to try it out. They have many items to choose from that are gluten free and this is one of the few restaurants that I can order a burger and fries and not feel like I am missing out. Best of all if you join their Red Robin Rewards program, you get a free burger after your family has ordered 9 and I always get a free gluten free burger and fries for my birthday.





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